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In 2016 he made his first steps as a Techno DJ when the inspiration struck him during a rave in Rotterdam. In 2017, when he participates in the Toffler Talents mix competition, organized by the renowned underground nightclub Toffler, Cønjecture manages to secure a place as the winner and receives the honor to play a final set in Toffler.

Winning the Toffler Talents in 2017 marks his first appearance ever and the start of more.

When in 2018 the chance arises to participate in a Toffler Talents again, Cønjecture moves all-in and manages to win the contest for the second time. Again he receives the honor to play the closing in the legendary Toffler Rotterdam.

In the year 2020 Cønjecture has been all development.
Because of the diversity in his performances, he has developed a feeling for how and when certain music can be played. Although this is a continuous development for him, this awareness makes him a versatile and unique DJ in the genre of Techno.

For Cønjecture it only has just began. Keep your eyes open to follow this emerging talent to see what’s coming next!

Upcoming Appearances




Past Appearances

15.02.2020           Nåchtwacht, Bibelot, Dordrecht

07.12.2019          Everybody Loves Techno, Beneej, Dordrecht

12.10.2019          Dordtse Cultuurnacht, Energiehuis, Dordrecht 

23.03.2019          De Grote Prijs van Dordt, Popcentrale, Dordrecht

10.11.2018            Popcentrale Festival 17 Year Anniversary, Energiehuis, Dordrecht

02.06.2018          Popcentrale, Silent Disco stage , Wantijpop Festival, Dordrecht

21.04.2018          Curfew Techno, Bibelot, Dordrecht

05.01.2018          Toffler Talents 2018, Toffler, Rotterdam

12.10.2017          Curfew Techno Livestream, Brandstof, Dordrecht

14.04.2017          Toffler Talents 2017, Toffler, Rotterdam

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